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Emotional Space is the product of a 2-week game jam made in Dreams PS4
about a runaway
alien teen who bumps into a road-tripping astronomer.

I worked on this project on my own and did everything from script writingnarrative design

level and gameplay design, art direction, art passing, character design and character modeling.

The lovely music was made by Oli Grant and additional animation and design support came

from Mike Pang, Pablo Lopez Soriano and Peter Field

Read more about the project here.

Read the full script here.



DreamsCom (short for Dreams Community Showcase) is a yearly virtual game conference that puts Media Molecule's Dreams community front and center. The event is made in collaboration with the community and gives its members a chance to showcase who they are, from game developers to music makers to streamers to film makers and everything in between.


A paragraph explaining what I've done, what it's about, what I've learned from it to give context.


A short video clip of a game or prototype I made, a little summary of what I did to make the game (50 words or less). A link click to see my node maps, tools, downloadable build of the game that people can play or even diagrams of the inside of the design. 

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