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Quiz Night is the product of a 1-week game jam held at Media Molecule for the

Imagined Futures event in collaboration with Mercedes-Benz.

I worked on this project together with the lovely Peter Field, Sarah Brin and Oli Grant.

I was in charge of the art direction, environment art, character design and character modeling 

and the entire team collaborated on the script together, which was a great experience.

As only one week of development time is very short, we approached the theme

of "Imagined Futures" in a slightly unconventional way.


We decided that we wanted to do all of our imagining through dialogue in the familiar setting of a weekly

quiz night, but in the distant future. This way we could hint at how the world had evolved though the

questions asked and the answers given during the quiz, which turned out to be a great challenge.


This meant that the gameplay design was quite straightforward, as well as the environment and character design which allowed us to spend more time on writing the script together. 

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