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Red Loops is a Twine game based on the classical story of Little Red Riding Hood, but with a twist.
Play the game by interacting with the window in the red frame above.

This was a solo project where I developed the narrative designwrote the script, implemented the design and illustrated the experience.

My goal with this project was to create a short and satisfying looping game with multiple endings using the classical story of Little Riding Hood, but for once you you can choose to not end up as the damsel in distress.

The game is set in a familiar story framework for it to be accessible to all and
for players to easily jump in and understand the stakes without much exposition. 

But the different routes introduces unexpected characters from other folklore
to bring something new to this otherwise famailiar story.


The main verb I focused on for the player is the power of saying no, choosing your own path,
and perhaps even outwitting the big bad wolf. The image above shows the initial plan
for the branching structure and different endings.

The game evolved as I was developing it (as games often do!) and peer feedback helped improve
the experience a lot. The different branches started intersecting and inspiring each other,
making the experience feel more coherent, and I started playing around with the form and
specific formatting of Twine for some subtle storytelling details through the text.

* * *

My main takeaways for this project were how much I improved on the design of the experience while
implementing it, and that the specific affordances of the medium that help re-enforce and tell the story
became more apparent the more familiar I became with the tool.

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