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Each year Media Molecule takes the opportunity to celebrate the best community creations of the past 12 months of Dreams, and all the dreamers who have made it so special, through a virtual awards show:

The Impy Awards

In 2022 a hub was created to accompany the main show. The team created a space where players could browse and interact with the nominated creations, and it was used as an opportunity to pay homage to the community and their creativity. 

I was part of the art team that developed and built the environments for the hub and was in charge of two rooms in the event: A Marble in the Snow and Band Together. In these spaces I worked on level design and white boxingconcept development, art passing, and lighting. I also designed the majority or the graffiti and tags that can be found around the event.

Both these spaces were inspired by incredible community creations. We tried to emulate each of their specific

art styles and gameplay motifs while making sure they could exist in the same space without clashing. 

It was an exciting challenge to capture the essence of these

creations while giving them the special Media Molecule twist.

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